Seals for Doors and Windows

All BMP products are fully harmonized with European Regulation EN12365.

The code provided by the European Regulation EN12365 consists of one letter and five digits in six squares.

The first three squares give the functional description of the product,

Square 1
Category of use
Letter W: indicates a dynamic seal of central or perimetric waterproofing.
Letter G: Indicates a static gasket, eg filling, filling or equivalent operation.

Square 2
Working field
Category (from 1 to 9):
Indicates the range of work area, ie the space in mm, within which the gasket should work optimally.

Square 3
Compression Load
Category (from 1 to 9):
Indicates the force per unit length (N / m) required to compress the plug to the boundary of the work field.
The three following squares show the performance of the product (the higher the category, the higher the performance).

Square 4
Temperature range
Category (from 1 to 6):
Indicates the minimum and maximum range of temperature within which the gasket can be used.

Square 5
Elastic restoration
Category (from 0 to 7)
Indicates the percentage of elastic gasket return at the maximum operating temperature and the working field limit.

Square 6
Elastic restoration after aging
Category (from 0 to 7)
Indicates the percentage elastic return in the long run at the maximum use temperature of the material from which the gasket is made (aging simulation).

This code allows the customer to identify the product and evaluate its performance. This code will also be enclosed in the packaging, indicating the results of our “continuous testing”.

The European Regulation EN12365 provides technical data useful for the design of frames with the prospect of the CE marking.

How can BMP help the customer obtain CE certification for doors and windows?

These are the means BMP uses to support the customer in case he wants to apply a BMP seal to the frame for the ITT tests (initial type test), following the “matching performance” principle.

  1. Water and air waterproofing test
  2. Voluntary regulation EN12365 (sealing gaskets)
  3. Certification and Qualification

1) The products in the lists have been tested following the technical procedures that comply with EN14351-1. The BMP laboratory is able to perform air and water waterproofing tests by adjusting the performance of the gaskets to the manufacturer’s specific requirements, even if the original type test (ITT) has been carried out with non-domestic gaskets.

2) Always in order to achieve “matching performance”, the second instrument introduced by BMP is the implementation of EN12365, which is now in use for five years now.

The “European Code” EN12365 – shown on the packaging consists of one letter and five figures – indicates the gasket (already applied to the frame) based on its use (potential for sealing, static for glazing) and performance values (range working temperature, working field, compression force, elastic recovery, aging simulation).

All values referred to in the “European code” of the gasket must meet the minimum requirements in order to comply with the operation of the system.

3) Because Regulation EN12365 is voluntary, it is supported by tests conducted in our internal laboratory. The BMP wanted to support and emphasize its validity and seriousness through the certification of an external laboratory (Qualital – a blue label bearing the “certified by Qualital” logo), which is properly equipped for the tests provided by that regulation.

qualitatThese procedures certify the “matching performance” of the gasket we produce, only under the condition of “complying with the instructions” intended for the assembly of the product.

The quality of BMP is certified

sincertBmp is one of the major industries in rubber gaskets and profiles producing by EPDM, PVC, polymers etc so as to be used in aluminum and wooden frames or in automobile industries. Moreover, BMP expansion is unstoppable and nowadays BMP produces wooden-PE profiles for decking, cladding and fencing, remaining stable to our values in terms of quality.
Futhermore, BMP’s operation is according to high quality standards UNI EN ISO 9001 as a result the administration of BMP:

  • Guarantees that each product and technical data is according to the specifications which have been complied with customer’s contract
  • Verifies that any specifications that include in customer’s contract are correctly accomplished by our company
  • Operates with proven procedures so as the product to be checked and the final result to be according customer’s demand
  • Conducts all the demanding actions for monitoring, tests and make the appropriate changes (if needed) in order to produce an improved product
  • Activates all the members of the company, taken also into account the partners and the suppliers, having as an objective goal the successful application of the quality standards during the whole production process

What is the certification?

certificatiCertification constitutes the provision by an independent body of written assurance (a certificate) that the product, service or system in question meets specific requirements.

That means that our company is able in terms of managing and production to successfully handle all the phases of production circle from the request of a new product until its final production and company’s support after sales.

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