Rubber Seals EPDM

The vast experience (over 60 years) and the high level of know-how have earned BMP in its field.
We guarantee excellent performance thanks to high quality at all stages of research, development, production and disposal of our finished products.


Do you Renovate your home or build new?

Each investment you make for your home should be based on products that offer you a certain, quality and long-term result. Your investment in our company’s products guarantees:

  • resistance over time

  • additional rain and air tightness

  • economic solutions

Rubber Seals EPDM
Rubber Seals EPDM


Do not lose your time!

Trying BMP’ products at the beginning for frames or for other constructions, you can protect your reputation because you serve your clients with the best way.

BMP can give you innovative proposals for your new series and help throughout the whole procedure so as to produce an excellent result.

With the high quality and resistance products, BMP will be the first choice.